Times Square

Supermac’s is synonymous with Ireland and the Irish culture. We here at Papa Johns are proud to be part of the Supermac’s family in Ireland.

Even more proud are we of the fact that Supermac’s and the Snack Box has made an appearance among the illustrious billboards of Times Square.No. 3 Times Square on 7th Avenue, one of New York City’s most prominent buildings, was chosen to feature the giant Supermac’s Snack Box. In its brightly lit glory the traffic stopping Snack Box invited Americans to “come for the scenery, stay for the food” in Ireland. The tasty and tempting homage to Ireland’s largest indigenous family restaurant group also reminded Irish living in New York that they are 2,963 miles away from their nearest Supermac’s.

Supermac 540

Speaking about the coup Managing Director of Supermac’s, Pat McDonagh said “we wanted to give Irish living in one of the busiest cities in the world a minute to stop and reflect on home. The Supermac’s Snack Box is consistently mentioned as one of the main things Irish abroad miss about their homeland. I’ve lost count of the number of people who say Supermac’s is the first stop they make when they land on Irish soil!”




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